Managed IT Services

Let us take care of your technology concerns and have the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.

Managed IT Services

Managed Service Providers like TEN31 Technology, is a fully functional IT department without all the hassle of setting up one yourself. We will manage anything related to IT, that you’ve wanted to take your hands off. We’re here for you.

Network Management

With our real-time network monitoring solutions and use of network security monitoring tools, we can ensure that your network is always running smoothly. Our team is highly trained in managing servers, computers and network devices like firewall, routers and switches and continually trains for a guaranteed up to date network management solutions.

Backup & Restoration

Reduce the risk and chances of loosing important data with our guaranteed backup and restoration solutions. Prevent destruction of confidential information or unauthorized disclosure and alteration. We'll help you secure your important, sensitive and confidential data, to have the peace of mind you've always wanted.

Cloud Management

Cloud technology is changing information technology in the public sector and industries. As a trusted cloud company, we provide the complete support of cloud technology, its benefits, and features. Microsoft 365, Google workspace and other cloud platforms, we are here for you.

Server Management

Don't expose your business to risk and experience downtime because of poor management, risky security of your servers and devices. Protect your investment with us and maximize up-time with a stable setup of infrastructure. With our advance strategy, expert management and improved system performance, you can plan ahead and act with confidence.

Cyber Security Service

Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial part in business and technology. Ransomware, malware & virus protection. Reduce the risk and chances of unauthorized disclosure and alteration or destruction of confidential information. We protect and make sure that your business is properly setup for protection.

IT Health Monitoring

Let your company operate at a level of security, minimal to zero downtime. With our proactive monitoring, our team will aid you with systematic and responsive information on your network, servers and all of your devices. With constant issue monitoring and notifications, issues will be solved faster than the typical and traditional way.

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